Sunday 13 October 2019

Ardagh Fright Fest 2019 - Restoring the Balance

Literature, Photography, Gardening, Storytelling, Family Fun, Magic - mostly magic, it is all magic.

This year it is all about the message from the myths, in particular the local legend of Midir and Etain, the most magical tale of them all.

"Irish myths and folklore are important because they remind us that the past is still lingering beneath the surface of the present, and reaches out to shape the future."
Ruth Long, Author.

Midir, Prince of the Tuatha De Danann, son of the Dagda was known as a fair judge and the one to advise. He is the being who restores the balance, not always in the way that humans imagine is right but always the right way for all to be restored for nature. The legend of Midir and Etain shows the disastrous effects of things being out of balance in particular within Midir and those around him when he, himself, loses his balance and is mithered by his love for Etain.

The Irish myths are a wonderful learning system as they show that the leaders are as fallible as the followers and quite often much worse, more extreme and with more consequences for all. Scéalta Beo will be exploring this concept in the setting of today and all the challenges we face with climate change, poverty, homelessness and much more. We are thrilled to have Ruth Long and Karina Tynan joining us in this exploration at the author panel on Saturday 26th October at 12pm.

Samhain is a time for preparing for rebirth and the start of the incubation underground of all things so we are delighted to have Brendan Farrell of Ardagh Eco Gardens exploring this aspect with us. Brendan is a most gifted guardian of nature and a lover of the legends so his workshop on winter gardening is the gentle approach much needed in these times on Thursday 24th October at 8.00pm.

Midir is said to be a guardian of the veil so Samhain is his time much like it is the time of all plants working vigorously under the earth.

Etain envokes rebirth, resilience and hope. We will also explore the aspects she brings to the table for these uneasy and unsettling times.

Fuamnach has all the rage and power of a human controlling nature and natural elements behind her. We will be exploring her use or misuse of nature in the modern context. We are looking forward to Karina Tynan of Irish Myths Retold retelling the legend from Fuamnach's perspective on Friday 25th at 7.30pm.

Ruth Long returns for a literature workshop for adults and teens on Irish folklore and Modern Writing on Saturday 26th October at 2.00pm.

Literature events, photography exhibition by the TY students of the area, our annual Ardagh School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, winter gardening workshop and more are coming soon to a place near you.

Midir and Etain is an important lesson for all especially at this time when we need to act and "restore the balance" in the natural world. Samhain is a time of incubation and nurturing for the forceful birth of spring.

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