Literature for adults and teens

Saturday 28th October at 4.30pm
Writing workshop for adults and teens. €10pp

For this workshop Jane will be looking at popular gothic writing and themes. She will lead a number of individual writing challenges, offering prompts, advice, and support as needed. Reading will be optional. No writing experience required. The aim of this workshop is to have fun, get creative, and get some words on the page, with tips and ideas for starting, and then going forward.
Booking essential as places are limited. Pay online here or contact
About Jane
Former pr and entrepreneur, Jane Gilheaney Barry is a writer, emerging author, and curator of successful lifestyle and creativity blog That Curious Love of Green, with an online following of over 20,000 people. She is currently seeking representation for her debut novel CAILLEACH. A modern gothic/suspense tale, inspired by the local landscape, and reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier. Strong women, wild nature, creativity, freedom, and houses. These are her passions and favourite themes, and you can find them all in CAILLEACH... 'It's 1995 and the sisters are returning to their mother's home in the west of Ireland, where the aunts still live. The McClearys are Bean Feasa (wise-women) witches. They have a troubled history with the town that both needs and fears them, and are bound to the fearsome Cailleach, a paranormal landscape figure of Ireland. Cailleach is a story about the ever changing relationship between nature and culture, between the ancient and the modern. The changing roles of women, of evolution, freedom, and the battle for the self... 'For what is a witch but an outsider woman? And that is all a witch has ever been.' Married with three children and living in Leitrim, Jane started writing five years ago with the blog. She also dabbles in painting, design, and photography, and has hosted a number of creativity bootcamps online. Jane is currently editing and illustrating her first non-fiction book. A complete coming out guide for creatives in hiding. It's the first in a planned series of eBooks, to include titles on food, home, and interiors.

Jane will also join the author panel on Saturday 28th October at 2pm.

Saturday 28th October at 12pm 
Event for 8+ to adults. €10pp.

Gothic Horror and Ghosts in Fiction with E.R. Murray
How dark is too dark… and why do we love to be frightened by fiction? Join E.R. Murray as she delves into the world of writing scary stories. Topics include… Ghosts from around the world, why scary stories are relevant, the macabre in fiction, the portrayal of women, the challenges of writing scary and some top tips on how to write a really scary tales. This will be a fun event suitable for anyone aged 8 to adult that loves a good spooky tale!
Booking essential as places are limited.
Pay online here or contact
About Elizabeth Rose Murray
Elizabeth Rose Murray writes novels for children and young adults as well as short fiction for adults. Her debut The Book of Learning – Nine Lives Trilogy 1 (Mercier Press) was chosen as
the 2016 Dublin UNESCO City of Literature Citywide Read for Children. The follow up, The Book of Learning – Nine Lives Trilogy 2 was shortlisted for the Irish Book Awards 2016 and
the final book, The Book of Revenge is out in February 2018. Elizabeth also wrote Caramel Hearts (Alma Books), a contemporary novel for young adults. She lives in West Cork, where she fishes, grows her own vegetables and enjoys plenty of adventures with her dog, Franklyn.
You can find out more about Elizabeth on her website, or chat to her on twitter @ERMurray, facebook or instagram.

Elizabeth will also join us on this year's author panel. More details here.

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