Samhain on Brí Leith

Family event 
Wednesday 1st November from 4pm
Lantern Making workshop (€6) and Samhain Walk to Brí Leith (free).

According to legend Midir the proud was and is and will be at home in Brí Leith, a mountain until Eochaidh razed it to the ground. He is in charge of a special entrance to Tir na nÓg which can't be found because he mithers all who try to find it. It has been said that on Samhain he lifts the veil for a short time.
So will you venture with us up the hill to seek the entrance to the Otherworld on Wednesday 1st November?
Join us first for a lantern making workshop and Samhain tales from 4pm in Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre. €6 per person.
Bookings: 086 3027602 or
You can now pay online here but please contact us to let us know you have availed of this option. Thank you!

We will make our way from there through the village and towards Brí Leith at 6pm. Come in costume and join the otherworldly, lantern-lit procession up the hill. Who knows what we will find when we get there!

Samhain, the start of the Celtic New Year, marked the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter. It was a time of celebration, a festival of the dead, involving feasts to welcome back ancestors and great fires lit on hills starting with Tlachtga (The Hill of Ward, Co. Meath) which has a connection with our legend of Midir and Etain.

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